Structural Requirements


To comply with SANS 563 Softwood structural timber and engineer’s specifications.

MONIER Roofing Undertile Membrane

MONIER Roofing undertile membrane Agrément approved certificate 2004/304.


To comply with SANS 653 Softwood battens and brandering.

Batten nails

Non-corrodible nails 3,35mm Ø - long enough to penetrate the rafter to a depth of 55mm.


To comply with SANS 542 for concrete roof tiles.


To suit design criteria.

Tile nails

Non-corrodible clout nails, as supplied by Coverland Roofing - long enough to penetrate the batten to 2/3 of its depth.

Tile clips

Non-corrodible “Storm clip”.


Non-corrodible flashing materials should be used. To avoid the possibility of electrolytic corrosion, always ensure that flashings, which come into contact with one another, are compatible.


Roofing components such as roof windows, clear tiles, coverfill and pigments, are also supplied by Coverland Roofing.