Cool Roof System

For a cool, comfortable lifestyle

The Cool Roof System is a system of combined components that enhances the cooling effect of the heat reflecting radiant barrier RadenShield™ even further.

Heat transmission can occur through three processes, namely radiation, conduction and convection. Radiation, which accounts for the lion's share of heat transmitted within a home, causes discomfort within our homes. The Cool Roof System utilises the concept of convection whereby cool air enters through the eaves and as it heats up, creates an air circulation that escapes through the ventilated ridge (Dry Ridge System).

In colder or humid climates, this ensures that moisture and stagnant air can escape, preventing the build-up of mould and wood rot. In hotter climates, the release of hot air reduces heat conduction into the roof space and ultimately the home.

As a passive system, Coverland Cool Roof System keeps running the entire day. When the house is cooler, airier and fresher, you use less air-conditioning. Savings are therefore made due to the reduced energy required.


The benefits of RadenShield™, an element of the system, are amplified as the cooling effect is enhanced. The CoolRoof® Technology was developed by the Monier Technical Centre, Germany.  Due to its success MONIER in Malaysia, Indonesia and India are also currently offering the CoolRoof® technique.

  • 10°C Cooler
  • 60% reduction on airconditioning usage
  • 30% electrical savings

Elements of the Cool Roof System

Counter Batten

Creates a natural ventilation and stream to carry away hot air trapped between the roof tiles and the RadenShield. Counter battens are supplied by your roof truss manufacturer.