Energy Efficiency

Being energy efficient is becoming increasingly important as consumers and companies around the world attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are harmful to the environment.  In South Africa the demand for and consumption of electricity has shown a huge increase since 1994 along with severe price increases since 2008/2009.  By becoming aware of energy efficiencies and using less electricity, consumers are able to reduce the damage to the environment and save money.

Heat naturally flows from warmer spaces to cooler spaces.  To maintain comfort, heat lost inside the house or building must be replaced by a heating system and the heat gained inside the house or building in summer, must be removed by an air-conditioning system.  This consumes electricity and is therefore not cost effective.

Eskom states that as much as 50% of heat losses in a house can be attributed to a lack of ceilings and ceiling insulation.  A well designed and built home or office provides comfort all year round.

Controlling Your Home’s Climate and Costs

Coverland RadenShield™ is an integral part of the Cool Roof System, as it is imbued with high reflectivity and low emissivity values which provide the perfect recipe to combat the sun’s harsh radiant heat rays.  In winter it acts as a barrier to retain warmth in the home.  Due to superior product performance and the strength of RadenShield™ it can also be used as an underlay on its own.

The Coverland Cool Roof System is a natural and passive system to limit heat transfer through the roof. This improves the internal comfort of a home and can save the homeowner money on cooling and heating costs.

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