The proven solution that keeps your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

RadenShield™ Single-sided is utilised in residential homes with pitched roofs; RadenShield™ Double-sided which is utilised in homes and commercial buildings constructed with a pitched roof and RadenShield™ Industrial, with a reinforcing scrim and is utilised in factories and warehouses with open steel framed roofs and no ceilings.

The extra bottom layer of alumium foil on the double-sided and Industrial RadenShield™ optimises the benefits of the insulation by regulating a constant temperature inside the building, while also keeping the radiant heat out. The single sided RadenShield™ is utilised for its cooling benefits by reflecting the radiant heat out of the building.


  • Save up to 30% on electricity
  • Up to 10°C Cooler
  • Decrease air conditioning usage by up to 40%
  • Savings and payback in less than 11 months

Wouldn't you rather have a roof that works for you rather than against you?
To further optimize the cooling features of your roof and minimise energy costs see the Cool Roof System.


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