EasyFlash & Connection Strip


Give your roof the quality seal

100% self-adhesive weather-proofing roof seal that seals for up to 15 years maintenance-free *

* It is mandatory that every EasyFlash application is sealed with our Connection Strip.  Fastened to the wall on the upper edge of the applied EasyFlash, it provides additional sealing against water ingression due to surface paint peeling.


  • Lasts for 15 years in any weather condition
  • Maintenance-free
  • Super adhesion due to its special high performing CH bond butyl glue.
  • Simple roll and stick application.  See the video below.





  • Chimney walls
  • Horizontal wall connections
  • Side wall connections

Please note that Monier Coverland recommend the use of Coverland Connection Strip to ensure the 15 year maintenance-free lifespan.  It is not recommended that you apply EasyFlash to steel pipe surfaces.