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4. Completeness

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  • Although Monier Coverland has compiled the data in the technical sections of this website as accurately as possible, discrepancies may occur in construction methods due to flexibilities in the building industry.
  • Information contained on this site is provided in an advisory capacity only and Monier Coverland accepts no liability for work executed by contractors or private individuals.
  • Monier Coverland reserves the right to change any information on this site at their discretion without prior notification.
  • Contact your nearest Monier Coverland branch for an approved Roofing Contractor.
  • Raw materials used in the production process differ at the various branches and may cause colour differences in the finished product.
  • Monier Coverland suggests actual viewing of the samples before purchase.
  • Monier Coverland suggests that the nearest branch is contacted for product availability in your area.

5. Jurisdiction

The law of the South African government shall apply in the event of disputes arising from the use of this website and/or its functions.

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