Introducing a global force to waterproofing

Premium waterproofing solutions create a blank canvas for spaces that generate energy, protect the environment or provide room to breathe. 

As of 2019, we bring innovations such as the NOx-Active bitumen waterproofing membranes, which absorbs nitrogen oxide (NOx) and thereby depollutes the air we breathe. In addition, our metal-faced bitumen membrane range extends the longevity of the bitumen membrane through the application of an embossed thermo-stable attached metal foil. 

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Paraplast 3 & 4 mm + GS is a torch-applied, high performance polyester reinforced APP modified plastomeric bitumen waterproofing membrane for low pitched concrete or timber roofs.




A torch applied, high-performance polyester reinforced SBS modified waterproofing membrane with a high quality dispersed anti-root additive that will resist root penetration. Fondorfor anti-root is ideally suited for waterproofing slabs before roof gardens are installed or for waterproofing earth retaining walls where root resistance is a requirement.




A high performance, self-adhesive SBS elastomeric modified waterproofing membrane with a granular mineral (MS) finish on the upper face specifically designed as a single layer waterproofing systems. (Also available in NOx-Activ® grade). 



A torch applied composite reinforced elastomeric SBS modified bitumen waterproofing capping sheet with a thermo-stable embossed metal foil facing with expansion compensation system. It is designed specifically as a cap-sheet layer for vertical upstand waterproofing applications and as a two-layer system for none accessible roof areas. 



A torch applied, high-performance polyester reinforced single application SBS modified bitumen elastomeric waterproofing membrane with NOx-Activ® properties contributes to conserving the environment and improving the quality of life in cities.

NOx-Activ® is a de-pollution system activated by the effect of UV-rays from the sun, causing the oxide pollutants (NOx) to be broken down into by-products which are carried off safely in the rainwater.



Multi-purpose bitumen based sealer for priming of porous and non-porous substrates prior to the application of torch-on membranes or cold applied bitumen coatings with excellent penetrative and bond strength characteristics. Suitable for use on concrete, steel and wooden surfaces.



A one-component liquid applied aluminium reflective bitumen coating for coating bitumen waterproofing membranes, metal roof tops and liquid bitumen waterproofing systems.